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Friday, December 14, 2007


Wow am I tired! I am having a few girlfriends over for dinner tonight...and as of yesterday, my house could have been deemed a disaster area. That being said, the second I got home from work, I got some food into little-man and started to pretend I was Cinderella. I did two loads of dishes, got all of my clutter on the counters and kitchen table taken care of, swept and scrubbed the kitchen floor, removed the miscellaneous clutter from the living room, and did a head-to-toe on the bathroom. Three hours later, I was done...extremely tired, but very proud of my accomplishment. After I pick a few things up over the lunch hour, I will be completely ready to have a fun, relaxing girls night!
Oh, and if you suffered through the tedious details of yesterdays blog, here's an update on my morning commute...I started channel surfing as usual, and I came across KDWB and they were playing that tear jerking xmas song AGAIN! This morning, however, I had the sense of mind to immediately change the channel...One point for me! YAY! ...and you know it's going to be a good day when you start your car and the first song you hear is Margaritaville by The Buff-meister :) Happy Friday!

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