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Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Blonde Moment

I try to be on top of my game the night before a work day. I get clothes ready for both myself and little-man, including laying out a clean diaper for him, and making sure his shoes are untied for a swift morning routine the next day. Last night was no different. I had picked out little-man's outfit, and had moved onto getting my clothes ready. I have been putting laundry off until this weekend for various reasons, and while searching for a clean outfit I stumbled across a pair of black pants I hadn't worn in a while. I was excited because they were clean, and I had found a sweater to wear with them. My night routine had been complete!
Today at work has been busier than normal. I was asked to make a few color copies of a huge manual in which each sheet was in a sheet protector. No big dea, just a tid bit time consuming. While walking back and forth from the copier to my desk, I thought the office felt a little cooler than normal (which I found odd considering I was wearing a turtleneck sweater that is on the heavy side). When I was standing at the copier I looked down and realized that I had a huge hole in my crotch. My first thought was "No wonder I hadn't worn these pants in a while" and my second thought was pure panic! I wonder how many of my co-workers noticed my "easy access pants" if you will. I am turning red at this very moment...I can't believe I wore a pair of pants to work with a HUGE GAPING HOLE IN THE CROTCH! This has to be my official Blonde Moment for the month of December. My dad always said I had blonde roots...I think I actually believe him!

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