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Friday, December 21, 2007


It really is xmas time. Just yesterday it was turkey day! Every year at thanksgiving, I think to myself "xmas is still quite far away"...and every year xmas seems to come faster and faster! This year was no exception.

I will pat myself on the back in terms of holiday shopping. The majority of my shopping I finished in mid-september (yes, that's wierd, but last year I had waited until the last minute, and there was nothing left at the stores, and I ended up spending WAY too much). I try not to be too materialistic at holiday time. Now that I am an "adult" and realize the financial burden the holidays can bring, I try and focus more on giving than receiving. The best gifts are those where a lot of thought and creativity come into play, as well as the unexpected suprises.

Last year, I opened up my door to find a wrapped gift for little-man, a grocery gift certificate, some xmas cookies, and a slightly religious card (from anonymous). I will never forget this was truely from the heart. I was completely blown away by the generousity! It's great to know that people in the world have the capacity to be self-less.

This year, I was suprised by my co-workers. They are the kindest and most respectable bunch I have ever come across in a professional setting. Maybe I am just unfamiliar with holiday time at the office. Most of my previous experiences entailed such large places with extremely high turnover that holiday time at the office was completely impersonal. Not my current office. The holidays here have brought warmth and a great spirit that is truely magical (wow, I sound cheesey...but it's soooo true!). There is nare an ugly attitude. Everyone is walking around with a little extra pep in their step. All of this holiday spirit has made me realize (like it does every year) how much I truely love the holiday season. Especially when I get to spend time with self-less, good hearted people.

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