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Tuesday, December 11, 2007

A Spoon Full of Sugar

After little-man was in bed last night, I was surfing the 70+ channels with nothing good to watch, when I stumbled upon Mary Poppins. I hadn't watched that movie in over 15 years! (and admitting that makes me feel quite old!!) Immediately I had a flashback to my golden birthday party. I was turning 8, and my mom let me have some girlfriends over. I think we went roller skating, and then back to my house to have a sleep-over. I was so excited and felt like a princess. The downfall of the party came when it was time to choose a movie to watch to wind down. I, being the birthday girl and to my friends dismay, chose Mary Poppins. I thought it was a brilliant movie, especially at the age of 8.
Looking back, I will still defend my opinion that it is an excellent movie with some pretty amazing ideas. First, the lady was and is a fricken genius! If I knew how to clean up a room JUST by snapping my fingers I would be a millionaire! Do you know anyone that can jump into a chalk drawing, sing and rhyme on the spot, and take you on crazy adventures around London?....didn't think so!

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