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Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Winter Wonderland

On a less pessimistic note...What a beautiful morning! Driving into work, while it was still dark, the forecast on the radio said we were experiencing freezing fog. Apparently, freezing fog is when the temperature drops below the dew point, and the fog freezes and forms little crystals that fall from the sky. This type of weather makes street lights shoot straight up into the air (almost like a northern lights effect). Before I had heard the forecast, I thought I was losing my mind because I had seen a light shooting straight up like a spotlight pointed at the stars...It was bizarre, but pretty cool. As I was nearing the office, the sun began to show its face, revealing the most beautiful scenery. All of the trees were coated in glittery frost. It was a gorgeous site to be seen. For all of times I catch myself complaining about MN winters, mornings like today make them seem a little more bearable.

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