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Wednesday, December 26, 2007


I know it is easy to complain about life, and it's also easy to forget to tell people how appreciative you are of them. So today, I take the time to spell out my appreciation for the good things in life. I have so much to be thankful for. My health, the health of little-man (who seems to be fighting off a cold, but for the most part he's healthy), the health of my family, my friends, and all of the people in my life that care about me. At times, I am overwhelmed with how kind people are.
Over the weekend, some discussion came up about the person who decided to display a crucified santa. To save you some time searching for the story, here's a link about the story:
I know christmas and the holiday season have evolved into a huge rampage of commercialism to some, but to me, christmas is (and hopefully always will be) a time well spent with family and friends. Over the years the presents have depleted (to a certain extent). I am ok with not receiving a lot of gifts at the holidays...and when gifts do come my way, it is beginning to become more and more difficult to accept them. I don't know if this is my stubbornness kicking in, or if it is because I feel like I don't deserve presents, or if it's because I would much rather spend time with my family and friends than to make them (or me) apprehensive about the holidays because of the lack of gifts they can afford to buy. It is probably a combination of things. I do feel that everyone deserves to spend time with the people they care about, share some laughs, and soak it up while they can....For me, family moments and great memories are fewer and far between.

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