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Monday, December 10, 2007

Weekend Warrior part Duce

This past weekend I kept myself usual! Friday night was my usual "trying to keep myself sane while little-man screamed his head off saying "HUNGRY! BOMBA!" I have no idea what BOMBA meant but it was driving me NUTS! When we got home, the guy pounded two jelly sandwiches a cup of yogurt and some graham crackers...he was hungry alright!
Saturday we spontaneously went to the MOA...again...with a friend of mine from college. Traffic in the parking ramp was nauseating..but we managed to find a spot. Taylor Swift was actually set to preform right as we showed we snuck over and heard a few of her songs live. It was a cool unexpected surprise :) There were a TON of people there, and I managed to sneak a peak at the pop-country phenom, but it was way too crowded to really enjoy the music. For the record, she sounded very good live. I would enjoy going to a show of hers if the crowd wasn't filled with screaming teen girls who get all worked up and make my ears ring with their shrilly-screams. Anywho...we braved the MOA for the whole day. Little-man actually fell asleep with his head in the tray of his stroller. It was hilarious! Saturday night I attempted to make some cookies for a cookie exchange with my mom and her friends on Sunday. I cheated this year and didn't actually bake. I melted a rolo on top of a pretzel; then sandwiched a second pretzel on top; then drizzled the "cookie" with melted peanut butter chocolate....extremely easy...and a good sweet-salty balance.
Sunday was spent being lazy for most of the day. The Vikings won..but my pick, AP, there goes my playoff chances in Fantasy..oh well, there's always next year :) Sunday night we went to the cookie exchange. Little-man held up well..but I am regretting staying as late as we did because little-man was a PILL this morning! Hopefully I'll be a better mom and get him to bed at a reasonable time tonight! I hope everyone had a great weekend! Toodles!

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