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Monday, December 3, 2007

Weekend Warrior

Friday was a challenging day for me. Yes, it was the end of the week...but it seemed like the week had progressively gotten more stressful, leading up to Friday, which felt like the most stressed day of the entire week! On Friday, after picking up little man, I proceeded to have a mini-melt down about god only knows what (I later discovered that my melt down was prompted by PMS, which I should have known..but had totally forgotten about). My friend Mark came to the rescue by coming over to hang out for a little bit. It was nice to have him come over, even if it was just for a little relaxed me to the point of me passing out on the couch at about 9, and him letting himself out (taking my spare keys to lock the door behind him).
Saturday was packed full of fun! Little-man and I were out the door by 9:30am to get his hair cut. We went to a place called Kids Hair. They were very catering towards kids by having boosters and a safety strap to hold the little people in the chair (it sounds bad when you write it Each hair station had a TV with a movie playing. Little-man sat like a champ..but had a slight look of fear mixed with confusion about what was going on. This was his first haircut in an actual salon..the other ones had been done by me at home or my cousin (who is a professional...but she did his haircut at her house). I don't know if I would bring him back to that particular salon..the only reason why we went their was a $2 off coupon I had printed off of the Internet. Immediately following his haircut, we picked Mark up to head out to the MOA. Our mission was to go to Underwater world...and boy was it FUN! We couldn't have timed Underwater world more perfect. There weren't too many people, and we got to see them feed the sharks!! We spent about an hour in the underwater aquarium..and by the time we ventured into the mall it was time to eat lunch. After lunch, we scurried to see Santa. He was just getting back from his lunch break, and we were the third family in line. The Santa at the MOA was unbelievable too!! Little-man was warmed up to Santa, sitting on his lap and smiling for a picture within 30 seconds. I was completely amazed! I know they pay this Santa BIG BUCKS....but he deserves every penny!! Santa also gave us a free ride ticket...and because Little-man could only ride the kiddie rides, it translated into two free rides. Little-man had a BLAST! He is still too young to understand that you can only ride once, but during the roller coaster, and the balloon ride he was laughing and he even put his arms straight up in the air at one point! I haven't quite figured out how to post pictures on here yet...but when I do, I'll try to get some good ones up here :)
Sunday was pretty low key in the morning. In the afternoon, I started power cleaning because one of my friends was going to pick up Little-man and take him to her work holiday kids party. I was excited for Little-man...but even more excited for the free time I was going to have. I decided to go and see a movie. I ended up at the Cheap Theater with a friend, and we saw the Bourne Ultimatum (I think that's how ya spell it!). Matt Damon=HOT! It was a very action packed movie...a little too much violence for me...but the eye candy was worth every second. After the movie, I met Little-man at home, got him into bed...did a few loads of my never-ending laundry...and here I am...Another day, another dollar :) Hope everyone had a great weekend!!! Toodles!

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