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Friday, December 28, 2007


I am a little bitter.... I don't understand why people (girls in particular) get possessive over introducing others to opposite-sex friends. Can someone please explain this phenomenon to me? At the last place I worked, I would always say "Hey, if you have any single guy friends, let me know...I would love to meet new people!" to which their response would entail "Um....I can't think of anyone. And of the guys I know I don't think you would like them...they just aren't good dating material." I had even gotten this same girl to ADMIT that she didn't want her guy friends to start dating someone because she adored the attention the guys had been giving her (even though she had been in a serious relationship at the time).
Which leads me to the following scenario...
A good friend of mine recently started working in a sales position. When I initially asked her about her co-workers she said there was a guy she wanted me to meet, and she thought he'd be a good "potential" date. Days and weeks had passed, and I would ask her about this guy, and she would always find a way to change the subject. (I will add, this friend of mine is engaged...). Recently, my friend was gushing about how funny this guy was and about how much fun they had had ditching work together etc... and so I asked her why she hadn't introduced me to him...She basically told me that she liked the attention she was getting from him, and didn't want that to end if he started dating someone or became interested is someone new (friend or otherwise). This guy is now dating a coworker in their office, and my friend said to him "I hope I am still your favorite person, even though you are seeing someone." (and to those of you who know my situation, this girl also has a little one at home).......WHY are girls so darn possessive over guys?! ESPECIALLY if they are already dating OR engaged to someone?!?
I know people might say, "she must not be a real friend," but she is...and I've already told her straight out that I am a bit butt-hurt over the entire situation. I have had people in my life that have turned extremely malicious when it comes to guys...and those people are no longer around because I found their true selves to be quite ugly.
The only other conclusion I can come to is my friends think I am unattractive. I really don't consider myself to be a bad person. I have a fairly positive outlook on life, I am grounded, I love to laugh, I love having a good time (and can usually make most situations into a good time...)...So why does this crap keep happening to me?! (I am not writing this post for sympathy...I am truly dumb-founded about this!!!)
Listen can look at me as a single mom, or a single woman...I could care less. All I need people to understand and realize is I want to date too..stop hoarding what's left of the good single guys ESPECIALLY IF YOU'RE NOT SINGLE!
Wow that felt good...hehehe Sorry about all of the rage...this little issue has been brewing for quite some time!


  1. hang in there...i think maybe there is a reason (beyond our knowledge or control) that you aren't being introduced to said there is a better one for you out there. however, i also think that your friends are being super selfish...and strictly based on what i read in your blog, seems to me that a girl is pretty insecure if she is unwilling to share her guy-friends with her single, and very worthy, gal-pals. perhaps these girls are not getting enough or the right kinds of attention from their boyfriends/fiances...i don't know (just speculating), but for every good girl, there is a good boy out there (and vice versa) - this is what i believe.

  2. aww're so sweet! Thanks for the kind words