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Thursday, December 6, 2007

Random Holiday's

Today, I'm sitting at my desk listening to holiday music. I am also working, but right now, the holiday music has my attention. There are a couple of things I feel the need to write down. First, why do they always seem to play the same song by the same artist about four times a day? I LOVE holiday music, but I am pretty sick of the Africa song "do they know its christmas in Africa"...and there are a few others I can't think of because Winter Wonderland is playing...and it's tough to think of songs when you're singing one!
Another thing I will admit to doing today is attempting to win tickets to Manheim Steamroller from 102.9. Has anyone ever actually gotten through on those radio telephone lines to win tickets?! Not to admit that I have been side-tracked by this...but I have tried every single time today to dial in to win these silly tickets...and it is ALWAYS busy! Is this some sort of conspiracy against me? Or am I just really unlucky...? All I know is you can't win unless you I guess I'll keep trying for now..Wish me LUCK! I'm gonna need it :-)

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  1. Good Luck!
    I have actually won 3 radio contests...once when i was little i won premier movie tickets to a rated R movie...couldn't go.

    and in high school i won 2 tickets - two separate times to see the honey dogs in concert (same concert). trouble was you had to be over 18 & i wasn't. i thought i could talk my sister into getting me a fake id to go to the concert with dice. she & her friends went to the concert instead. i guess winning radio contests is only in the cards if you can't actually attend the events. (i did get dinner for giving my sister and her friends the tickets, though)