Some days are great, others are not...but no matter what twists and turns I encounter, you can be sure I'm going to write about it!

Friday, November 30, 2007

Ya think?

I am in a funky mood today..So, instead of writing a semi-coherent blog, I am going to just write random thoughts....

I hate money

I really hope the twins can get their roster together before opening day

Why do the vikings stay in MN if they can't even sell out multiple home games during a very short season?

I wish I could find someone to go out to lunch with today

I am nervous about 12/1/'s the start of my december diet....

I wonder what the outcome of the next presidential election is giong to be

I really love where I work

Because I hate cold weather...I wonder if I'll ever muster up enough courage to move south

I hate money

I really hope I can get through school

I hope the jobs my parentals have been interviewing for are a sure thing for them!!

I wish I lived in a I could give little-man a puppy for christmas

The only thing getting me through this cold weather is 24/7 Christmas music! Hooray!

I wonder if little-man is going to verbally assalt me when I pick him up tonight...or if he'll be sweet like an angel

I'm still waiting on someone to set me up with a good guy

I don't even know if I could honestly handle going on a date...I'm too much of a ditz for anyone to tolerate me for more than five mintues

I wonder how many people read this...I have a feeling it is only a few good friends...which is quite alright with me :)

I am excited for softball next season! (Yes, that's wierd because softball is a loooong way away...but the team has a large spot in my heart)

M wants me to get little-man's pictures taken with his cousin...I am extremely apprehensive and stressed about dealing with Crazy-Baby-Mama!

When will the little-devil phase of little-man pass?

I wonder how annoying I am after a few drinks



  1. 1. money is the devil
    2. you are not too much of a ditz for anyone to be around are lovely
    3. i read your blog =)
    4. little man will leave his devilish stage eventually...and eventually he will enter his nasty i-know-everything teenager stage (great!)
    5. this is the first season since 1999 the vikings have had trouble selling out games - i guess minnesotans just figured out how bad they are
    6. i love the softball team too
    7. i have written too much in my comment space!