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Wednesday, April 9, 2008

There's no place like home...

For two days at work I have been questioning the integrity of a few of my coworkers. I have been stewing about it, wondering how I should or should not address fairly minor issues. I have decided to let them rest...I am really not a fan of drizama!!
When I was humming ANTM in my head, pretending I was a runway model during my daily trip to take the mail down, I had a sudden realization...The company I work for, and the office that I work in is my niche. There is a certain comfort about it. The ambiance, the dynamic personalities in the office, the petty silly things we discuss, the professionalism...It's all small and wonderful aspects of my office. I fit in here, and it is wonderful.
When the V.P. of leasing was leaving this afternoon, I said my daily "Goodbye, have a great night!" and he said the same and walked out of the door. A second later, the door opened back up and he said "By the way, you've been a great addition to our company." What a compliment! I think it just confirms my thoughts and feelings towards my job. I love it here. I am valued here. I feel as if it is an extension of my family. It (sans bi-polar toddler! hehe).

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