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Sunday, April 27, 2008

Are You Serious?

I really wanted to go to an antique shop. As I was driving through the University of Minnesota campus, I spotted the perfect shop to stop at. It was on a busy corner, and there were only three parking options: 1)The metered street with no open meters. 2)A University of Minnesota Pay Ramp. 3) An open lot that said "violators will be towed."
Seeing as I was only stopping into the shop to browse, I decided to go with option 3, and take my chances getting towed.
The second I put my car in park, I was greeted by a man wearing a pale yellow polo shirt, with a UNIVERSITY OF MINNESOTA patch on his chest. He firmly told me that I was in trouble for parking in a restricted area, and demanded that I move to my passenger seat. I obliged, and the next thing I knew, he jumped into my car and started!
I was extremely taken aback by this. My stun left me without words for a few minutes...Then I started panicking. "Let me out of my car..what in the hell are you doing?!" My voice could not permeate his brain. This was a whacko jacko on some secret mission that he obviously wasn't interested in sharing with me. My doors wouldn't open, and I was stuck. I couldn't get out. He was driving like a bat outta hell. What.the.fizzle.
He drove out to the country. There was tall yellow grass and trees in the distance. He turned to me and said he wasn't going to let me go. My mind was still racing. I was numb with fear. What was honestly causing this stupid U of M police parking enforcement dude to flip out and kidnap me? I'll never know...because I woke up.
This dream happened about a week ago. I haven't the foggiest idea what provoked it. I refuse to let myself watch scary tv shows because I feel like they affect the way I dream (sometimes at least), and before I went to sleep that night I hadn't watched anything what the hell was I thinking?
I really hate when dreams are haunting...especially when they seem so damn realistic.

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  1. Oh my god. I absoultely hate that feeling, wh ere I can't shake a dream. I wonder what made you dream that? I kept wondering why you didn't just crash the car. Yes, one of the things I learned from Oprah...maybe if you have that dream again, you can make yourself do that...