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Monday, April 14, 2008

Dark Waters Ahead

It goes without saying that I honestly love my company. I love the people, the work, and everything that entails our business. Our company had been telling us over and over, "the economy isn't as bad as everyone is saying...we just need to hold tight, play our cards right, and business will fall into place." I believed this. I believed that we were experiencing a "fear-cession" instead of a "recession". My beliefs have changed, over the course of one hour, on a bright sunny morning.
Everything had been going as usual. I had been saying "goodmorning!" like it was any other day. Then, I heard a loud yelp, muffled through a door and some walls. Next, I witnessed a coworker running to the bathroom, looking as if she had just lost someone near and dear to her heart. I later found out, layoffs had hit my office. A great, upstanding, classy person had been let-go. And then another...
An abrupt meeting was scheduled for the office. We aren't a large crew, so any we cuts we take are very deep, and are filled with much pain. We are a family, and we have lost a couple of people that had helped to make our machine run smooth and efficient. I hope I don't fall victim to the horrible market driven cuts. I guess only time will tell...


  1. ugh.... no, we are definitely in a recession and have been. the government tells us we'r ejust afraid because they don't want everyone pulling their money from the stock market (like how the depression started). i think you can look in all sectors and see how awful it is. people are getting laid off left and right in every industry, and housing is stagnant or worse, blah, blah, blah. stupid, stupid, stupid war, and stupid stupid stupid bush.