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Friday, April 4, 2008

Warning...Venting Ahead

I typically never write about work..but today, I'm throwing that policy out the window! I participated in a lunch meeting today. The meeting was setup so the admin's in the office could discuss any issues they have been having regarding their support of me (since they fired the lady who had originally been supporting my position during lunches, etc...blah blah, yes this is boring to read about, stop complaining already and give a girl a chance!!). Anywho...During the lunch, one admin, we'll call her C, admitted she was breaking a policy she was unaware of. She blatently made herself look stupid (albeit, completely unintentional). Later in the meeting, I feel like she intentionally tried to make ME look stupid, and right now, I'm a bit urked. I HATE HATE HATE when something is unnecessarily confronted in front of people who are not involved in the situation. Basically, C asked me to not "make her wait for me to get off of my computer for five minutes when she comes up to cover my desk." Talk about a petty thing to say. Is this what corporate meetings are about, discussing things in front of groups of people that could easily be addressed in a five second convo between two coworkers?..way to make yourself look like a lazy asshole lady! Really...I HAVE NEVER MADE YOU WAIT FIVE EFFING MINUTES TO SIT DOWN IN MY CHAIR... Maybe, JUST MAYBE, you could actually arrive at my desk at exactly 11:30 instead of making me sit with my thumb up my ass for fifteen minutes WONDERING if you've forgotten...I mean, REALLY! Thanks for the "constructive criticism"...Good talk, really...Good talk. Asshole

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