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Monday, April 14, 2008

Sometimes...It's The Little Things In Life

Let me just start out by! (as a reminder...this has been my THIRD post yeah, there's been a lot going on!)
Little man completely blows my mind. Every day, I notice more and more how he is growing into a little person, and becoming less my baby (in literal terms...because we all know he'll be my baby for life!!). Tonight, I decided I just didn't have it in me to make dinner. We hadn't been to MD's in a little over two weeks (which is DARN good for me!) so I caved in. When we were just about to make the turn into the parking lot, little man let out "Phai! Phai!" (which is his little way of saying Fry!)...My mom guilty conscious struck me. I had always promised myself that I wouldn't let my child become addicted to MD's, and I had failed with flying colors.
A light bulb went off in my head. I asked little-man if he wanted some dippers...yeah, some apple dippers! He was very excited and repeated "dip-it! dip it!". When it came time to order, I got him a cheeseburger, apple dippers and a chocolate milk. (cough:I got myself a #1 with fries and a coke:cough). The second the food was in the car my ears were littered with "phai mama?" so I caved, and handed little man a fry. I guess you could say he had me at phai (cuz how cute is that word when it's said in his little man voice?! Yes, very cute!).
We got home,and he was very excited for his dippers. I got him setup at the table, and he bypassed his burger (if you know little man in real life, that is completely uncharacteristic of him...) dipped his apple, and took a big bite. After he managed to suck all of the caramel sauce off of his apple, he gracefully spit it back out onto the table. So much for me trying to persuade him to be healthy.
I had to hold back the laughter when I noticed he had started to dip his cheeseburger into his caramel sauce...he absolutely loved it! In fact, I have never seen him scarf down a cheeseburger faster in my life. When he was through, he actually asked for another burger. Thank god he wasn't too disappointed when I reminded him that his burger was already in his tummy.
I thought he was going to give me a rough time for bed...but after a few minutes of mommy time, we decided to read goodnight moon, and he actually turned his light off and crawled into bed. It was the first time in as long as I can remember that he didn't get out of his bed ten times to "test me." It felt like I had achieved a small victory. He wasn't even ready to go to sleep. He sat in his bed, and talked to himself for a good twenty minutes before settling down for the night.
Sometimes, I think children have an amazing sixth sense. They have a way of knowing when it's extremely imperative to be on their best behavior. When this sixth sense kicks in, they really know how to turn your day into something great!

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