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Thursday, April 3, 2008

Warning...TMI Ahead!

FYI, check out the poll on the side screen...To give you a bit of back round info, my softball team had a "preseason meeting" (aka lets meet up at our favorite bar and drink a lotta beer and eat some greasy delicious food). Whenever we start drinking, the topic usually always turns to sex. Last night, we started a mini poll about which is better: a one night stand with someone you know, or a one night stand with a stranger. I am torn on this question. Being one of the few single people in the group, I felt the need to chime in, especially because I believe your views on one night stands change when you are in a committed relationship. I will tell you, I have had both. Am I proud of the one night stands with a stranger? No. Was I scared shitless about contracting some sort of crazy STD after? Hell yeah. Did I contract some sort of crazy STD? No (thank GOD!). Am I proud of the only one night stand I've had with someone that I knew? HELL YEAH! Would I have another one night stand with someone else that I know? No, only because I feel like I couldn't currently emotionally handle the complications that sex can bring to a friendship..been there, done that (but I will repeat, the one time i did delve into this territory, it was hella fun!).
So, you've found out a bit about me that you probably didn't already know...Probably a little too much, but I really have nothing to hide! :) It's very hard for myself, the single girl, especially when all I want to do is have passionate sex, but I have nobody to (for lack of a better term) "do it" with...especially if I don't want to be viewed as a slut. The funny part about my dilemma, is I want to have passionate sex...but I really don't feel like dating, or even being in a committed relationship..I guess I am my own catch 22!!

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