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Monday, April 7, 2008

Random Randomness

Random going on's:

Fish Count: 2....and one looks kinda sick! :(

Poles open you need to cast your vote for: 1...look at my side bar silly goose! Don't be scurred!

Status of House Cleanliness: Fantastic (aside from my bedroom and laundry)

Number of toddlers who were in a pretty decent mood today: 1

Number of awesome new words I am going to reinvent into everyday communication: 1

Word: Swenglish

American Definition: To Be Determined.

Days until the first official softball game: 9

Anxiety about sucking at the first softball game of '08: Alert Red

Degree of excitement for meeting the team america crew for beer and pizza this week: High

Energy Level: Moderate to High

Level of happiness: Moderate to High

Degree of pessimism: Low to non existent


Little man and I were invited to attend the circus by his afternoon toddler teacher. She sent me the invite via text message. I replied (via text message) that we were already attending the circus, but we should get together for a play date with our little boys. Her response was "your gay. but yeah, we should do that." I don't know how you would take a response like that from an acquaintance, let alone your son's toddler teacher (who is married with a toddler and one on the way...and is only one year younger than I am...). I was a bit taken aback by her choice in language.

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