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Sunday, April 6, 2008

Weekend Recap... turned out to be a fantastic weekend!

*went for a short walk to a friends house where i spent the night hanging out and laughing quite a bit...

*cleaned the majority of my home with the help of my pseudo sister in law. it feels magnificent to walk on a freshly mopped floor...

*witnessed little man puddle jump with a huge toddler grin on his face.

*only setback of the weekend was having little man take a tube of lotion, and squirt it EVERYWHERE while i was taking a shower. my 3yo niece witnessed this event, and her mother was supposed to be supervising. my niece did not tell anyone what was going on, and my pseudo sister in law was too mezmorized in scooby doo to realize that the kids were getting into trouble...

*saw a band (my friends have been raving about) for the first time. i think it was probably my best, most fun live music experience to date. i attribute this to great company, fantastic music, and awesome attitudes all around. "your gay" was the phrase of the night (long story..i'll fill ya in on a later post, i'm sure!)

*took little man to the circus with my family. it was his first circus experience, and my first in many years. he thoroughly enjoyed most of it. he rode a live pony for the first time and looked like a natural. i walked with him, but he probably would have been fine by himself. i have also discovered he doesn't have a fear of clowns...he was waving and smiling at them like they were about to become his new best friends.

*after a saturday night of heavy drinking, i woke up with only a mild hangover. it always helps my head when the sun isn't shining when i'm hungover..thanks mother nature, i owe ya one ;)

*managed to meet someone new...and actually "danced" with him. i don't usually have the balls to dance with random guys anymore (and i'm sure the mass amounts of alcohol was a huge contributor to my courage...) but it really was a lot of fun. i could tell he didn't dance often (and neither do i so i'm not one to talk!) but he went along with it, and we both got a lot of laughs, and a new phone number outta the deal!

*on friday, i was informed that i had scheduled a couple of vacation days for the end of april. apparently, little man's daycare is closed and i had planned ahead and scheduled myself off...but had TOTALLY forgotten. im really looking forward to my long weekend at the end of april!!

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