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Thursday, August 14, 2008

Like Mother, Like Son.

This morning, when I delicately woke little man from his slumber, I told him he needed to get up and use the toilet. Today, we weren't using diapers AT.ALL. It was a decision that was made the second I realized it was a little silly of me to put him in a pull-up ONLY for the commute to daycare. He had been doing fantastic going potty at school (except for #2..but I'll get to that in a second). To my surprise, he got out of bed, went directly to the toilet, and sat there until he went. He's really getting good at this!!

When we got to his "school" this morning, he immediately told me he needed to go potty, and I didn't argue. I went right into the bathroom with him to supervise, and all was good. As he was sitting there alone, I grasped the opportunity to bribe him to the best of my ability. I told him if he made "big stinkies" at school, then mama would take him out for ice cream when I picked him up. He looked very excited...and I left him a bit apprehensive that my sneaky ways would actually work.

I called his teacher at 11, she told me something I had been waiting to hear for a little over two weeks. My little man had conquered dropping the kids off at the pool while he was at "school." The smallest tears of excitement welled up in my eyes. Potty training is really clicking for him, and the sense of pride his accomplishments have given him are so precious. I am so glad I've stuck with it.

Onto why he's just like his mother. Just like me, he will do just about anything for ice cream! :)


  1. "dropping the kids off at the pool"??


  2. I love the bribing tactic...

    works everytime...