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Sunday, August 3, 2008

What's your song?

Music. It's something I know very little about. I'll even admit I'm mostly a Top 40's girl. I don't discriminate, the pop scene is just where I am comfortable...albeit country, bubble-gum pop, easy listening...
Tonight, as I was catching up on some great blogs, Gretchen Wilson's Homewrecker came on the got me to thinking how there are always going to be a handful of songs that bring you back to a specific time or place in your life. This song brings me back to a time when I was dating a man who I thought the world of, (Only to find out that he was a horrible person a few months later) the time, while we were dating, there was a sketchy girl who was half my size (and a huge bizzo in my biased opinion)...Me in my passive aggressive ways, would play this song on the jukebox where all three of us happened to work (me, the guy I was dating, and this girl)...My guy knew what I was doing..and so did this girl...but I didn't care, I used this song to express my disdain at the situation....and it.felt.great. (I've got a little bit of bad girl inside of me sometimes...)
Jimmy Buffet and all of his glory will forever bring me back to a SCUBA diving trip to the caymans...oh, and/or this.
NSYNC (yes, I just said NSYNC) will always remind me of my carefree youth, where I was surrounded by fun loving friends who all shared the same amount of love for Justin Timberlake as I did.
Staind gave me strength and solitude to get through my parents divorce.
Music has the ability to remind me of good times and tough times with a single melody. That's some pretty powerful stuff if you ask me.
What songs bring you back to a time and place you'll always remember/never forget?

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  1. Staind was my angry music in college. I don't need them, or angry music, any more :)

    PS, thanks for the link and compliment!