Some days are great, others are not...but no matter what twists and turns I encounter, you can be sure I'm going to write about it!

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Friday Night...Part II

I called up my girlfriend and explained what had happened through my blubbering tears. She invited me to meet her where she was eating dinner. I accepted because I knew I couldn't be alone.

...Did I mention I had driven twenty miles to be stood up...and my girlfriend was at a restaurant another fifteen miles away? I digress.

I patted my face dry, checked my makeup for any visible signs of a raccoon eyes, and headed in to grab an appetizer cuz, by this point, I was STARVING. I had an extremely strong urge to start doing shots of tequila, but decided to order some coconut shrimp. My friend ordered me a specialty drink. I sat quietly, contemplating my next move.

...Did I mention my friend was out with three women and EIGHT KIDS? She failed to mention this to me as I was speeding in her direction.

As I was eating what only can be described as the worst coconut shrimp I have ever tasted, another good friend of mine called me and invited me out to hang with her and a few of her friends. People I didn't know..but I knew there was going to be drinking involved. I was all about it.

I parted ways from my girlfriend and headed back home. I was going to be picked up hence eliminating the possibility of drunk driving (thank god for that!).

As I waited for my great friends/ride my babysitters friend called Him up. I didn't think He would answer...but he DID! My new BEST FRIEND said "Hey Dude...Did you have a DATE TONIGHT?" The response was "CLICK"...He had hung up..and I wasn't surprised.

At this point in my night...I was ready to move on. My great friends got to my house, and we were on our way. It turns out, the house we were going to was about three blocks from where my dad lives. It's a great neighborhood..things were looking better already.

A horrible night that started out with the intentions to meet a new person transformed into a great night where I met a new group of people. I am a firm believer that some things happen for a reason. Even though I will never forget how my night started...I know I'll always remember how the night ended.


  1. Bad coconut shrimp, no tequila shots, no date.

    Man, this was rough. Are we ever going to get an explanation as to wtf happened?

  2. You mean with dude not coming to the date? I haven't even attempted to contact him since my babysitter called him on Friday night.
    I guess I don't even care what his "reasoning" was. All I know is nobody deserves to be treated like that...and I firmly believe that he had issues. (My mom thinks he was married..and if so, I feel really bad for his wife!!)