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Monday, August 25, 2008

Fair Time

On Sunday, I ventured out the the MN State Fair. The weather was perfect, and although I meant to go at 1pm, I couldn't wait..and ended up walking through the gates at 11. It was just as I had remembered it to be. Crowds of interesting looking people swarming over a free show here, and some greasy food on a stick there. It was lovely.
The difference this year from years past, is I went alone. Of course I had little man with me, but I was lacking the company of an adult. The conversation, the extra stomach to share all of the fried food with. It was different. Not bad, but different (and a bit challenging when you're pushing a stroller without a cup holder, maneuvering two ears of roasted corn and a cup of soda...I wouldn't recommend it!).
The day was equally liberating and lonely. We were able to catch a few minutes of a dog show, and ride a couple of things in the kiddie park right off the bat. We divulged in some garlic fries, and guzzled down water.
We had great seats for the parade, and saw the U of M marching band preform...They're extremely entertaining! I think the highlight of the parade for little man was Santa Claus in a jeep...he was one of the only little ones around, and was shouting "HI SANTA!" repeatedly at the top of his lungs.
Towards the days end, we made it to a free stage where my coworkers band was preforming. They were awesomely entertaining! Little man thought so as well, and shared his "moves" with the crowd. He ran to the front of the audience and literally boogied his little toddler bum away. I was laughing to tears, and wish I owned a video camera so I could share it with the world!
It was a Fair of new experiences, a taste of the same yummy goodies, lots of laughs mixed with snippets of feeling overwhelmed. The Fair was just what I needed. I am glad I went, even though lacked an extra stomach.

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