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Sunday, August 31, 2008


This morning was lovely. It started earlier than I had wanted it to (but that's a 2 1/2 year old for ya!). We started the day with some delicious pancakes, and headed outside to play some more t-ball (if interested, I'll totally post the pics when we get home!).
Lunch was some yummy chicken salad (from the left over chicken BBQ-ed the night before)...and then it was nap time. Really, the day was amazing. Sunny with a nice breeze to keep you feeling comfortable.
After nap time, we (meaning my uncle and I) decided to take little man out in the row boat for his first Island Lake experience. We were armed in life jackets, my camera and two oars. The only deterrent SHOULD HAVE been the 20 mph wind...but who are we kidding?
Our Goal: to paddle out to the sand bar (which is directly across the lake, and slightly to the south of our cabin).
Mission Sand Bar To Feed The Sunfish was going alright, considering the oars kept falling out of their holders....We made it to JUST past the island (which is slightly north or our cabin) when the white-capped waves from the 20+mph winds kicked our small dingy headed
I kept thinking someone would stop and see if we were alright....and that never happened.
Maybe we ended up on the shore, about a 1/4 mile from our cabin. Maybe my uncle fell over in the water. Maybe I also ended up in the water slowly walking the boat (containing my uncle and little man) back to our cabin...trudging through mucky weeds and fighting the strong winds. Maybe we ended up being blocked by a ginormous tree that was laying a good 40 feet into the lake....Maybe I ended up sitting on said tree, holding the boat little man was in while my uncle was walking to our neighbors house. Maybe a pontoon FULL OF PEOPLE drove past me sitting on said tree holding the boat containing my little man...and DID NOT STOP OR SEE IF WE WERE ALRIGHT...and maybe that was the point of my small/short mental breakdown.
Long story short, my uncle was able to get our neighbors boat to tow us to safety. For a moment, I was a bit concerned...but we made it home, and have a crazy story to tell in the process.

My uncle has owned this cabin for over 20 years...I spent many summers up here...we both should have known better than to go out on the lake without a motor...The good thing is we all made it home safe...It was quite the adventure!

**Note: The picture is not quite to scale...but it was the best I could do!! hehehe

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