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Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Tough Questions.

"Whats dat mama?" is an extremely common question posed by little man on a daily basis. This morning, as we were pumping gas, little man saw something that sparked his curiosity. It was a vehicle on display by the Minnesota Department of Transportation. The vehicle appeared to have been in a HORRIBLE head on collision (most likely a drunk driving accident). When little man saw this car, his mind began churning like the gears of a clock. The second I sat back down in my car, he said "Dat car broken mama?" (he's so observant, eh?). I agreed with him that the car was broken, and he cunningly fired back "car garbage mama?" (connecting the small dots in his head, this car should have EASILY been thrown out...). So, how do you explain the meaning behind the car to a two year old? I know the car is displayed for a very serious reason, but when is it appropriate to explain the harsh realities of life to him? I know it is also going to be a long time before he begins to understand the world is not always a safe place, but I feel I owe him an honest answer.
I cautiously told him the car could not be thrown out because it reminded people they needed to be safe when they drove. I'm certain the concept was completely over his head, but I firmly believe honesty is the best policy :)

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