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Thursday, August 28, 2008


Dear Smokers,

I'm not hating on you right now. Yes, it's your right to smoke. I'll admit, if I'm in an EXTREMELY rebellious mood, I'll pretend to be one of you, and cough my way through a cancer stick cigarette (honestly though, that may happen only once a year....really)

I won't lie to ya. Since MN passed their anti-smoking in public establishments law, I've been at ease when going out in public. I know smoking your heater gives you a nicotine buzz (I will never share in with you), it makes my eyes water, my nose itch, and my clothes stink.

One last thing. Can you PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE stop standing RIGHT OUTSIDE the public doors? I'm not trying to take anymore of your "rights" away..just sayin. It's no fun for me to walk outside if I'm barraged by your smoke. In fact, it makes me avoid going outside (specifically when I'm at work) altogether. So if you could be so kind to abide by my requests..that would be great. Then, I wouldn't have to move your desk to storage room the basement...or hide your swingline.


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  1. Couldn't agree more. Especially the smoking right outside the door business. So not cool.