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Thursday, August 21, 2008

They MUST have been eating Wheaties

Gymnastics is definitely an addiction...especially if you participated in the sport on a semi-intense level. I was never great, but I could definitely do some skills that were challenging to the average joe.

I have been watching the Olympics virtually non stop since 8-8, and have allowed my habit to effect my sleep pattern. Not.Good.

I even have a fairly coherent grasp on the new gymnastics scoring system! :)
I had heard of the controversy of the Chinese Gymnastics Team age, but had hopes it would be settled fairly, with the Americans prevailing. Unfortunately, such was not the case. I just heard straight from the source, aka Bob Costas, that the Chinese women's gymnastics team is now under further investigation about their ages (if you weren't aware, they're being accused of having girls under the age of 16 compete...which is a big no no).

What made me chuckle the most, was it was a newspaper released by the Chinese that will eventually be their down fall. If their falsified ages are confirmed, China will lose four of their medals, and concede their gold to the U.S.

Maybe this isn't a hot topic...but what do you think about the whole ordeal?

If you're interested, I would be glad to explain the scoring too...but I figured I would save that little "bit of gold" for those who are REALLY can thank me later! ;)


  1. I too have been watching the Olympics non-stop and now nap instead of sleep.

    The whole issuse with the Chinese gymnasts bothers me greatly. I heard the story from Bob Kotas last night too. I hope they are investigated because if they arent 16 they don't deserve those medals, but if they are then it should be proved so its not hanging over their heads the rest of their careers.