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Monday, August 18, 2008

Therapy of a Different Kind.

After taking a pretty good blow to my self esteem on Friday night, I took the horse by the reigns. I did what just about anyone I know would do when they're feeling down in the dumps. I woke up Saturday morning, and decided to walk into a salon and get my haircut. Since this was such an impromptu decision, I made arrangements with my mom to meet me at the mall to get little man. The timing worked out perfectly.

The first salon I walked into said they were booked for the next hour and a half. This mama did not have an hour and a half to waste! They recommended I head to the salon just downstairs.

At the second salon, I walked into what appeared to be a full house. The only person who wasn't cutting someones hair was not wearing the same all black uniform as everyone else. I had assumed there would be a wait, but low and behold, the lady out of uniform was a licensed stylist..and there had just been a cancellation on her books! I knew it was meant to be.

We had a quick consult, and then she shampooed my hair. Let me tell you, I love getting my hair shampooed! I was mentally patting myself on the back for deciding to be spontaneous.

The next thing I knew, I was sitting in a chair getting my hair cut. The lady, Dianne, was very lovely. Her eccentric look made her fun to talk with, but she was unusually blunt. She had no issues with swearing. She blurted out the terms "hell no" once, and kept referring to her sister as a "little $hit." It made me want to laugh, but I kept my composure and allowed her to continue with her "thang."

Surprisingly enough, I really liked the cut I walked away with! It was refreshing to have a new look, even though it wasn't a dramatic change.

I also had made the decision it was makeover time, and after the salon, I stopped by the good ol' Mac counter and have them work their magic on me. It was magical. I ventured away from the Mac counter with new fun supplies in hand, and a new look on my face too!

It's amazing how refreshing a haircut and new make-up can be :)

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