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Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Times, they have-a-changed.

I went out with Jane, Me, and a few other girls this past weekend to see SATC. Me summed up the night fabulously...
When we were out on the town, it got me thinking. SATC was first introduced in my life when I was living in a house with FIVE other girls. The house was very compact. There were two bedrooms upstairs, two on the main level, and two in the basement. We thought it would be a fabulous idea to all live together, but it proved to be one of the most difficult years of my life. I guess I never realized how much I need my alone time, and how horrible other women can be towards one another. The only great thing that came out of a year of hell was SATC. I still remember the night of the season finale. I had only JUST started watching the series, so I had a lot to catch up on...the finale was an episode that brought the six roomies together, if only for an hour. We gathered in one of the basement bedrooms, mixed up homemade cosmos, laughed at some parts, and cried at others. There aren't too many times I will say this about that time period of my life, but it really was a fun night!
Flash forward to this past Saturday. Me threw out the fantastic idea to get us all together for an impromptu girls night. We met, ate some fabulous food, enjoyed some fabulous conversation, sipped a cosmo or two, watched the movie together, laughed, and also cried together. We were six women out to have a great time...and the difference between this experience, and the one of four years ago was enormous. The women I shared my SATC experience with last Saturday are strong, supportive women who I know will be around for me when the next SATC movie comes out. They are women I look up to, and I am honored to call each of them a friend.

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