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Monday, June 2, 2008

Weekend Warrior

Operation Mr. BoJangles is still in full effect. Friday, when I got home from an impromptu dinner, I ended up crashing extremely early due to massive exhaustion and high stress levels. It was much needed sleep, and I was so happy I didn't fight going to sleep so early.
Saturday morning I was woken up by little man rummaging through some of the toiletries pulled from my BoJangles Dropping filled linen cabinet. When I discovered him, he looked at me and said "Potty Mama." I humored him, and set him on the pot. We haven't started to tackle the potty training completely, but I'm not going to deny him a sit on the pot. I wasn't really paying attention to him, when all of the sudden I heard a trickle....HE ACTUALLY WENT POTTY IN THE TOILET! I was besides myself, shedding a few tears of joy. He had the biggest grin on his face and was also very happy. Although it was only 7am, I couldn't wait to have little man personally tell grandma and grandpa. He did so. Grandma answered the phone still drunk...but said congrats and proceeded to pass back out. Grandpa also said congrats, but the conversation was cut a bit short. While I was translating little mans words for Grandpa, little man was running around the apartment naked. He really loves to be naked, and I didn't have the energy to chase him down. He started on a full-out sprint down the hallway towards me, when PLOP! Mid-spring a giant BoJangles shaped turd flew out of his little bum and landed on the carpet. It was the funniest thing I have ever seen. I never knew you could poo like that mid stride!!


On the BoJangles Front: After the potty miracle, I decided to take little man shopping. We purchased new clothes for both of us, a new bay-bume (vacuum) for the droppings, and most importantly, Big Boy Unders and Pull-Ups. I know it's a bit preemptive for the BBU's, but I just couldn't resist. These tiny unders are absolutely adorable! I'm hoping they are all he's using by the end of summer...Keep your fingers crossed for us!!!
I started doing a major cleaning in the afternoon. The only reason why I stopped was so I could attend a fun girls night out, which I will tell you about later.
Cleaning was disgusting. Mark came over and helped. Honestly, he was my savior of the weekend. He would not allow me to pay him, even if I offered...nor would he accept any sort of gift from me. I truly hope what goes around comes around for him..because he definitely deserves to be canonized after all of his help this past weekend.
Sunday I woke up a bit tired. By 11 I was in full cleaning mode. I was so overwhelmed with the droppings that I allowed myself to take a short nap. After re-charging my batteries I was good to go. I separated laundry, started laundry, and continued cleaning out and organizing my closets. I am pretty sure I cleaned about 100+ square feet of closet space over the weekend. I was feeling pretty good about life on Sunday, until early afternoon. Little man and I were sitting down to a late lunch, when I noticed something on top of my refrigerator.....You guessed it, Mr. BoJangles had left more treats for me. That was my breaking moment. I couldn't contemplate having enough strength or motivation to get through, so I broke down. I started crying very hard, and unfortunately, little man saw every tear drop. I felt even worse for crying in front of him, but once I opened up the flood gates, there was no going back. He looked at me with a concerning brow and said "mama cry?..mama crabby?" I told him I was frustrated with life..there's no sense lying to him right? I told him I was also frustrated with Grandma and Grandpa. He started playing with his food, and I snapped at him...not one of my proudest moments, I'll admit. He looked at me, and stuck his bottom lip out a mile...then he dramatically threw his head down on the table into his arms. Very dramatic, and very cute at the same time. I felt absolutely.horrible. I quickly reassured him that mommy wasn't mad. He shouted from his arms "No!" Then I calmed the fires by telling him mommy was frustrated with Grandma, and Grandpa..but that I loved him (little-man) sooo much. The second miracle of the weekend occurred, because he somehow managed to understand me. I felt my heart start to beat again, and made a panicked phone call to Mark. When he heard how upset I was, he came over without hesitating. He stayed for about eight hours, helping me go through the rest of my belongings. He was a key component to abolishing Mr. BoJangles. Hopefully, the traps I purchased over the weekend will also help me with this matter.
I am almost entirely convinced these unwanted tenants came to my apartment via the generous couches I received from a friend....but it really doesn't matter WHERE they came from..just as long as I can keep them out for good! I don't think I have ever been more organized in my life. I have almost all of my belongings in a plastic container of some sort. I threw away about six large garbage bags of belongings that were weighing me down. As Mark put it before he left last night "Well, we definitely left our carbon footprint this weekend!"

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  1. Crashing early is becoming all too typical for my Friday nights...