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Friday, June 13, 2008

To Potty or Not To Potty...

I am encountering yet another potty training dilemma. I don't know if I am ready to dedicate my time to helping little man learn to use the potty just yet. I am afraid that my efforts would be a wasted attempt because he might not be "ready" yet. I really don't enjoy spending money on diapers, but I am going to end up forking out the same amount of money on laundry if I put him in big boy pants right now...I just don't know what to do!
Matters are not being helped with his daycare either. Two weeks ago, when he had his potty miracle, I asked school if they would start taking him to the potty with the other kids. Since then, there have only been about three days where he regularly went to the potty with the other kids (that I know of) because they have only been recording ONE time that he has "tried" per day. UGH! I feel guilty enough that I work full time, and now I am adding frustration to that mix because all I want is to be on the same page with his teachers at that too much to ask?
I asked his morning teacher about how he was doing, and she ended up giving me her polite two cents. She is the mother of five, so I take what she says fairly seriously...She told me that it is doable to get him potty trained, but you really need to be willing to put forth a lot of time and patience (which I have very little of both) and be ready to do a LOT of laundry...
I really don't want him to regress and view the potty as another power should I just put off my hopes and dreams of no diapers for another month? My indecisiveness is not helped by the fact that most mornings, little man looks up at me and says "I go potty mama, I do it" just before I am about to change his stinky diaper. I know he KIND OF understands the concept of the toilet...I just don't know if either of us are ready to travel that road yet.
My favorite parental role models are the tv show Jon and Kate + 8 (yes, I'm pathetic, oh well!!)...Kate's motto is to stay home for a straight week while initially potty training...Yeah, if I had camera guys and a tv show paying me big bucks, then I would do that too...but I'm a broke bizzo, and staying home for a week for the sole purposes of potty training are out of the question!
I leave you with this:
To Potty or not to potty...can you solve my dilemma??

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