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Sunday, June 15, 2008

Good Times, Great People

The night started out like almost every social function I have attended for the past three years...I was flying solo, carpooling with Jane and LP. We were driving to Willikat's wedding reception. It was a short car ride, and before I knew it, we were socializing in an amazing backyard adorned with huge paper flowers, tiki torches and a lovely lit tent. It was a beautiful evening, and the company was lovely. I was with my "people" (so to speak..). Before long, we were all sitting around a table, laughing and talking about silly things. Our laughter bellowed through the party. We were "that table." We were the fun table...and I felt honored to be surrounded by such great people.
Willikat looked BEAUTIFUL. She was gleaming from ear to ear while she made her rounds through the party. She was aware that we were the loud table, and if she hadn't felt so obligated to be appropriate and talk with the other guests she would have been right there with us! :)
The sun slowly set, and the music started to play. She had a dance floor arranged under the tent, which was a great idea considering how bi-polar the weather was. A beautiful blue skied sunset quickly turned into a siren's blaring tornado warning. The party found itself in the garage, and into the house shortly after.
I will blame my friend Bacardi for this next act....I was told by Willikat that she hadn't even gotten to dance with her father. Bacardi and I found that unacceptable! Even though it was a bit cooler out than earlier in the evening, "we" coaxed the boys into re-setting up the stereo equipment. They did an AWESOME job. In less than ten minutes they had the lights on, and music flowing...and with the help of a few people all of the candles were lit, and the ambiance of romance returned. She got her dance with her father, and the party was rolling. Like we were going to let a silly little tornado warning get in the way of celebrating! PSH!
Did I mention that I managed to turn my shoulders into a marble hodge podge of white and orange? Yeah, I'm cool like that! I had started peeling from a sunburn on friday, and thought it would be a BRILLIANT idea to buy spray fake tan to try and cover up my peeling shoulders...little did I know that when my skin continued to peel, it would reveal white, non-spray tan skin. My tanning blunders are quite hilarious. I kept thinking to myself "Way to go Miz, you're the scary orange shoulder lady!! All of the children here will probably go to sleep crying, 'But mommy, I saw the scary orange shoulder lady!'" (and I wonder WHY I'm single!!)
Lucky for me, LP was able to drive Jane and myself home. We weren't five minutes away from the house and a DEER jumped out in front of us. LP was a superstar and not only saved my car, but also saved Jane and I. It was quite exciting :) Lucky for him, we repaid him by singing horrendous 90's ballads at the top of our lungs...hehehe (thank you again bacardi, I really owe you for last night! lol).
The night ended for me like most nights spent out with "my people." I was returning home solo, but with a big grin on my face from the great memories that will last a lifetime!

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  1. i loved the bacardi appreciative that you re-started teh dancing!!!! glad you had lots of fun. makes it all worth it to know people enjoyed themselves. :)