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Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Baseball and Shoes

Yesterday my mind was filled with a plethora of emotion filled thoughts and feelings. Some fantastic, and some not so much. I went from being content with life, to feeling like a giant asshole, to feeling frustrated, to honored, to excited....etc (I think you get the picture). All of my emotions were the result of external forces. I am not blaming anyone or anything, just stating a fact that yes, although I have control of my actions, sometimes my thoughts and feelings have a mind of their own..and yesterday was one of those days where they just couldn't decide if they wanted to be happy about life, or really upset about it.
One awesome thing that happened yesterday was receiving free tickets to the twins game. I took the free tickets as an opportunity to take little man to his first 2008season game. He had been to a couple of games the previous two seasons, and had been very well behaved. Turns out, he's a lot of fun at baseball games! He sat and stared, and by the sixth inning he started cheering! (which I am convinced his cheering is the reason the twins started getting hits..hehehe).
I immediately invited Mark to the game. He reluctantly accepted my invite. I was given four tickets, so I tried calling a few other friends who I thought might be interested, but since it was so last-minute they already had evening plans lined up. It actually turned out perfect that it was just the three of us. Little man had the option of sitting in his own seat, and we had an extra seat to house the backpack that I, the overly prepared mom, just HAD to bring. It was the first time in a while I didn't feel packed into the dome like a sardine. If I could afford to buy two extra seats when I go to the games, believe me, I WOULD! :)
Another awesome thing that happened yesterday was receiving free running shoes. They came from a brokerage firm who was trying to win the hearts of our VP's in the office over...I was asked by their firm to find out the shoe sizes of the VP's (secretively) and they also said I should send them my size. I was expecting something silly like a pair of slippers...but running shoes? I was stoked! I wish I could have taped the conversation I had with one of the VP's wives..."Hi, I work with your husband..I know this is going to sound silly, but can you tell me his shoe size and not tell him I called?"
I really do think there is some version of Karma in the world...and after the past week I have had, it was darn-tootin time things started turning around for me...the combination of a virtually free evening, and new shoes was JUST the trick!

...Did I mention I spotted my favorite WCCO reporter Jason DeRusha at the dome. Turns out, he was at the game MC'ing for WWB. Small world, eh?

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  1. ah, the Metrodome...memories. Sounds fun.

    Thanks for the comment today, too.