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Monday, June 23, 2008

Let's Go Fly a Kite!

What a lovely weekend!
The weather was wonderful. I found myself doing things that I used to do when I was single. I feel like my soul was recharged. I am walking with a slight pep in my step.
I'll spare the boring details of will fill you in on Saturday morning. Little man has started to respect mommy when she is sleeping. I don't think I was coerced out of bed until almost 8. Feeling guilty for being in bed for so long, I little man made a delicious breakfast of cold cereal, quickly got the both of us dressed, and headed for the park with a kite in tote. He had received a kite for his birthday back in February...but this was our first opportunity to fly it. It was a pretty neat little kite. If I wasn't SUPER LAZY I would try and look it up and link to it...but it's me we're talking about! Instead of the kite having dowels that supported it, you BLEW IT UP! What a novel idea!
Did I mention that his kite was none other than SPIDER MAN! He was grinning ear to ear.
Once we got to the open field, I let out some string and immediately started running around like a goon to get his spider man kite in the air. I figured if I could get it up a ways then all he would have to do is hold the string and life would be good....I had another thing coming. I ran around that darn field for almost a half hour straight and I couldn't get the thing to stay up in the air. Little man became bored with my antics, and ran to the other side of the field where he could "run the bases". I threw in the towel, and asked little man if he wanted to try and hold the string. The second I gave him that string, I kid you not, the kite went about 75ft straight up in the air. I should have just given him the darn thing in the first place...but what do I know?! Moments like last Saturday make me wish I could afford a video camera. He is so little, but so intelligent. He figured out how to run and hold the string up to keep the kite flying. I'll try to post pictures sometime this week. The pics really help grasp how little he is in comparison to the world. It was a fun sight to bear witness to :)
For someone so little he really does know how to make my heart feel huge :)

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