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Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Eloquence Mixed With Copious Amounts of Frustrations...

I thought for an EXTREMELY brief moment about taking down my cursing post. I just can't. So instead, I will follow it up with a bit of writing in a more sophisticated manor, about my exact same feelings (ya show all two of you who actually read this that yes, I have the slightest amount of depth).
I am so perturbed with my current situation that shall not be named. I am exhausted, frustrated, and in disgust. I have done a bit of research to aide me in resolving my issues, but have not been successful in defeating that which shall not be named. I know there are cases of that which not be named affecting individuals who have done nothing wrong. I strongly feel I am one of those individuals.
I feel so alone in this struggle. I feel like I cannot talk to anyone about this. I feel like they don't care, nor do they understand the frustrations this brings to my household (of me + little man) and the hurt that still lingers from this past month. I also know that by writing this, I will cause more trouble for myself...but I have nowhere else to turn...and nobody else to vent my frustrations to.
This is so draining...

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