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Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Internet Dating

I am WAY too ADD to wait for more responses to my all request blog post hour...The two readers have spoken...Internet dating it is!!

I am still struggling with finding a good guy. My options are still creepy online dating sites limited to the Internet. What can I say, the bars aren't what they used to be..and I don't have the patience to 1)wait for my friends to attempt to set me up or 2)wait for my random knight in shining armor to come knock knock knocking on my door!!

The latest ewhatthehellwasithinking harmony "match" that decided he wanted to talk to me seemed too good to be true. He was tall, and my first reaction to the pics he had posted were brown chicken brown cow SCORE! After drooling browsing at his posted photos, I decided it was worth my time to read his bio. In just about every section of his online profile, he kept referring to his myspace page. "About Me: I love my family....(blah blah blah) should check out my myspace page at "abcdefg"." So...since dude OBVIOUSLY wanted ME to check out his myspace page, I figured HEY, WHY the HECK NOT?...I found a GREAT reason for the "NOT."

His page seemed hip...As if he had invested more than five minutes into writing down details of his interests in music, life, television, likes and dislikes..etc.
He had multiple photo slide shows of himself..and then I noticed there were NUMEROUS pictures of himself with a cute blond girl. At first I thought it was his sister...but after paroozing his "myspace page that I just HAD to look at" I came across this tidbit of information...Relationship Status: IN A RELATIONSHIP.

Call me crazy...but this dude has GOT to be kidding me. Who signs up and PAYS for an online dating site JUST to beg single desperately seeking to find mr. right girls to look at his ridiculous myspace page only to find out that DUDE IS IN A RELATIONSHIP!
I knew it was too good to be true! DAG-NABBIT!

**a HUGE shout out to Kate for providing me with the capability to use the strike out text**


  1. I've always kinda felt like you meet the coolest guys through blogging. Of course, you have no say in where your readers live though. That causes trouble. :)

    Good luck!

  2. Oh man. What a moron! That is a definite danger to the online dating world...

  3. The kicker is this...I JUST checked his "next communication" and it said he liked girls thin and lean...I have pics up on my profile..and I'm OBVIOUSLY not thin OR lean...The only word coming to mind to describe my thoughts about his is tool..I just can't seem to figure out why! ;)

  4. ...I really need to proof-read myself before posting anymore comments! lol

  5. good for you for being such a good sleuth!!! what a loser.
    you deserve the best! hang in there.