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Thursday, June 19, 2008


Toddler Story Ahead.
I cannot believe how much humor I find in spending time with Little Man. It's amazing to see him develop little quirks, and enormous expressions.
We were driving to softball last night, and were stuck in monstrous traffic downtown. We were only about a mile away from the field, but the traffic was at a standstill (and the mile took us almost a half hour to travel)...ANYWAYS. Along the road they are building some new condo's, and there were construction lift thingies parked next to the building...The second LM spotted them he exclaimed "Look MAMA!" to which I giggled and said, yes honey, those are lifts. "ifs mama?"...yes, honey, lifts (I try and repeat the correct pronounciations to him as much as possible...)
The next intersection we crossed, you could view smoke stacks of some sort, and this wierd metal arch thing that was next to the river. The second he saw it he literally yelled "OH MY GOSH! OH MY GOSH MAMA, LOOK!" It was so precious! His excitement over something so mundane to the average person made me realize a few things. Life is short..enjoy it while ya can..and do your best not to take things for granted...These are some pretty deep thoughts conveyed by such a little guy, but by golly it's exactly what he was reminding me through his extremely silly toddler ways :-)
On the flip side of things. When we were leaving last night, he also managed to summon his "I'm frustrated with life" expression when he didn't get his way. It is the funniest, grumpiest expression I have ever seen. I'll have to try and capture it on camera!

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  1. It always cracks me up when babies develop distinct personalities. It's like really are a little person.