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Tuesday, June 24, 2008

20 Dates.

In the past two weeks, I have had two popular bloggers link to MY blog**...I was totally all like "WHOA!" I don't know what my obsession is with trying to gain the respect of other bloggers who are more eloquent with their words than me...But just know that it's there.
Today, I am making the saddest attempt to write about something we all know and love. Sex. This will go one of two will hook these new readers in, or it will shoo them away. Either way, it's what I feel like talking about today!
I have hit the largest sexual Being a single mommy, and a full time employee really drains a lot of my energy. (sorry to those of you who are like "eww, gross" but face it, almost all of us are adults...mommies need loving too!). I'm trying to come up with ways to rejuvenate my flirting soul..but have come up empty. However, I don't think this drought is a bad thing (I'm just lying to myself right now, but go with me on this one...). For the longest time I have fantasized about finding "true love" and a man who not only respects me, but can laugh when life is funny and provide support when life gets tough. I know he's out there.
I have been toying with the idea of implementing a rule I once saw in a movie. It was a rule that entailed no sex for 20 dates. Yes, this may sound to some like I'm a nympho if I have to set this silly rule for myself...but I think there's more to my rule than just plain staving off the urge to have wild romp sessions with men who only want wild romp sessions in return. Geez...I hope this doesn't sound like I'm a "game player" because I am the furthest thing from. I just want to meet a man, and establish a healthy, fun, romantic relationship before we are both consumed by our wild romping monster urges.
There's just one can't make a 20 date rule if you aren't even dating in the first place. hehehe (darn I KNEW this sounded too good to be true!!)

**If you've been brought here from either of those two sites...leave a comment introducing yourself! If you're feeling very brave, I could always use some advice about the 20 date rule... I <3 new visitors, and I love meeting new peeps.


  1. I think I waited until Date 3 with my hubbie and thought I was doing really well. :)

  2. That's awesome! When ya know, I guess ya know :)

  3. Hmmm, yes one does need a date to implement a 20 date rule. That's quite the predicament. Have you ever tried Just a thought.

  4. Yes...yes I have. And no, no it did not work. I've also tried eharmony, and yahoo personals..but the only thing that came from either is a dead rose, and a bunch of "yahoo's"..hehehe