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Sunday, November 25, 2007

Good Times

What a couple of days I have had....
I did venture out on Black Friday. It was the best Black Friday experience I could have hoped for. If anyone is ever contemplating going out on Black Friday, here is what I would recommend; Go out at 9:30-9:45am....the crazy "gotta get their at 5 am" people have gone home, and the stores have re-stocked their shelves of most of the hot sales items (that obviously don't include the electronics...but I wasn't shopping for electronics, so it was perfect for me!). The parking lot was a beauty...three empty spots, right in the front, as if it was a meant to be shopping trip. The isles were clear of people, and their were red target shirts everywhere (so it was easy to ask for help finding every sale item I was hunting for!). I know there were probably stores where I could have saved and extra dollar or two...but target has won my heart, especially when it comes to the day after thanksgiving!
Tonight I went to my friend's concert. My friend didn't actually sing, but he played guitar like a PRO! I was extremely impressed!! The music was similar to Dave Mathew's Band and Jason Mraz....very fun to listen to. I even shed a few tears when one of the songs was dedicated to a good friends' dad who had passes away about a year ago....I guess the tune just hit my heart (but that's no surprise because I am a fairly emotional person). When I saw this show tonight, it made me wonder if I could ever write songs that were sang tonight...or if I could ever bring myself to preform those songs in front of a lot of people...sorry, that was random! I really had a great time tonight....really!
After the concert, we went to a bar that we don't normally frequent. They had some pretty decent drink specials, but we ended up across the street at our favorite bar in that area. I will admit, walking into the second bar (my second home in the summers...yes, that sounds bad...but it's not what you think!) made me feel like I was in an episode of felt like a pseudo second home! Tonight I was able to meet (and take some shots with) some new people after the concert...I will most certainly say; the concert and the after-party were good times!
As I was sitting with my friends, my mind was racing (as it normally does). I started thinking about kicking myself in the ass to get up and go talk with random guys in the bar as a sad attempt to socialize...when I got to really thinking. You see, the people I hang out with are sooooo amazing that I really don't feel the need to put myself "out there". The group of people
I was with tonight were truly stand-up, grounded. morally amazing people...why would anyone want to break themselves away from a group like just to go talk with some random person who may or may not be the biggest creep ever? Maybe that is shallow to most people, but right now it sounds extremely intelligent to me (maybe it's the many shots talking...and if its not and I still sound stupid, then the alcohol is preventing me from truly expressing what I am thinking...although, I hope my point is coming across accurately). Any who...I feel like I am rambling now (which I am) I'm going to hit the hay! Toodles!

P.S. It was my friend Mark's birthday today...Happy Birthday Mark...wish you would've been up to coming out tonight...hope you had a great night!!!

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