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Monday, November 12, 2007


I was settling into my daily night ritual of watching television after little-man was fast asleep when I decided to flip to the 10pm news. I try and discipline myself to be in bed by ten (sad, yes...but I have to be up at 6am, and I am a creature who desperately needs her beauty sleep!) so I rarely watch the news at 10...
I would say that I posess a gut instinct when it comes to right and wrong. I know I am not always right, but my gut doesn't to lie to me. My gut is telling me there is something missing in our local news coverage. I am not attempting to delve too deep with this insight (no worries of conspiracy theory here!) But all I am saying is there has to be something missing from news coverage if a person feels more inclined to watch a re-run on MTV than sit and listen to what is supposedly going on in the surrounding area. Maybe I am the one that needs the "Reality Check"...but maybe I'm not.
I understand the quality of the content varies from each channel you watch, but I will say for certainty that I am not impressed by what certain new affiliates have to offer (specifically one channel, which I will not name). How can these stations stay in business with some of the garbage that is covered? I think there is a more daunting fact that should be addressed. There are actually people who spend a half our of their time buying into the garbage broadcasts....I admit, I buy into reality television. But I do not think reality television is actually real! Unfortunately, people who watch these garbage news broadcasts actually believe what they are seeing...that's kind of scary if you ask me...

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