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Monday, November 19, 2007

Last Weekend...

I will start off by saying "Good morning, good morning and to all of you a pleasant good morning" (Favorite quote from Ann Curry often replayed on The Soup). This past weekend was a bit different. Friday, little-man and I spent the evening at a Thanksgiving Potluck at his daycare. The food was actually pretty decent, and the people weren't too shabby. You always get the "weird people" when you have large get-togethers', but thankfully, they were not sitting at my table. The daycare actually cooked the majority of the food on site, including the turkey and a bunch of stuffing. They actually allowed people to bring in pre-cooked food (which I am always a little leery about...but obviously I survived). Little-man behaved like any toddler would, but lucky for me there were all of his little toddler friends to run around with, so my stress levels stayed fairly low. The potluck lasted until a little after 8, so when we got home, little-man went straight to bed...and I got to have some much needed chill time vegging out watching some tv (nothing good was on, just brainless channel surfing). Saturday was spent laying low in the morning. In the afternoon, D came over and we drove down to Northfield for a wedding. It was my second cousins' wedding...needless to say, I just went to be polite, but I really have nothing to do with him (his parents are super nice though, so it was nice to see them). To be honest, the groom probably didn't even know my name, but was forced to invite me and my dad out of respect (which, before attending the wedding I hadn't minded because I figured I could get a free meal out of the deal..shallow? yes!). So, D and I show up the usual ten minutes late..sit in the back of the church and start listening to the ceremony. Little-man was actually an angel during the ceremony, but I attribute that to the fact that we were in a new environment with a lot of people around...the second he was comfortable he converted back to the crazy little monster I know and love! The reception was in the actual church. Our table was right next to the buffet. The food consisted of an interpretation of a southern pig roast (apparently, the bride was from Texas). They had a whole smoked hog (head and all) laying at the end of the table, with spicy gross baked beans, out-of-a-box augratin potatoes, cole slaw, and a veggie tray...Even though it was free, it was probably the worst food I have ever had at a wedding. I feel bad for being so judgemental, but working in the banquet business for a while, I have come to expect a wedding to be treated as a formal event, with real plates, real silverware, and actual glass cups for beverages. There was not a bar, or even a dance to follow. The musical entertainment took place during dinner. There were two different "groups" that took turn playing. The first was a guy who looked like he could be a serial killer. He walked around wearing a red button down shirt (tucked tightly into his black jeans with a huge silver belt buckle) and cowboy boots. He had hair past his shoulders and refused to take his sun glasses off the whole night. The second was a three piece group consisting of a guy playing the banjo, a girl scraping a laundry washboard and a third guy using a violin bow to play the side of a saw (yes, you read right, an actual hand-saw...weird!) I guess this is an instance where the saying "to each their own" comes into play.
Sunday was another chill day for me. I was able to watch the vikings look somewhat decent despite missing our star running back. In all, I really didn't accomplish a whole lot this past weekend, besides meeting a couple of families from little-man's daycare, and attending a really po-dunk wedding. Toodles

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