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Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Bumper Sticker Mayhem

Driving to work this morning, I noticed a bumper stick of the car next to me. It read "I think, therefore I'm Liberal" (note, this car also had three other political-type bumper stickers on their car, this was the only one that stuck out to me). I know politics can be a controversial subject, but the bumper sticker made me ponder its meaning.
To be honest, this bumper sticker slightly disturbed me. I consider myself to be liberal. I will admit, I love to hear the entire story before forming an opinion, and saying yay or nay. I know many people who are conservative as well. Am I wrong in interpreting this bumper sticker as an extremely close minded statement "conservatives don't think." Call me crazy, but I know many conservative people who put a lot of thought into their decisions and opinions on matters in life. I think what I am getting at is maybe if EVERYONE stopped focusing on being liberal or conservative, and focused on the issues at hand, and how to resolve "said issues" to the benefit of all, we would be a happier country and maybe even a happier, healthier, safer world. Maybe that's a huge stretch, but maybe it isn't...

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  1. Exactly!! The labels of political preference are outdated and meaningless. People should choose where they stand on the issues that matter to them, and turn away from associating with a particular party.