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Wednesday, November 7, 2007


While going to sleep last night, I started thinking about what I could write about. I came up with a rather generic idea of writing down my likes, dislikes and loves. Keep in mind, the lists are in no particular order, and they are random and here it goes:

I dislike:
raisins, people who don't know how to drive, ignorance, cleaning, spiders, cockroaches, centipedes, trying to get in shape, mean people, money, credit cards, smoking, the packers, having to back 14 dozen cookies for the holiday cookie exhange, getting hit with a ball when I am pitching, trying to remember to water my houseplants, when people use my personal computer, trying to communicate with my brother while he's stationed in Greece, George W. Bush, myspace, iphone commercials, most generic commercials, not having tivo/dvr, liquid cough syrup, doing straight shots of any kind of liquor, running

I like:
curling up on the couch to watch a good movie, being a mom-person, reality television, singing a song even if I don't know all of the words, cool overcast fall days, going on bike rides, beer, when the vikings win, when people answer thier phone when I call them, clicky blue pens, reading blogs of people I know, facebook, snacking on junk food, soda pop, bubble gum, talking to people, feeling accomplished, talking about sports (even though I pretend to know what I am talking about, when I really haven't a clue...),

I love:
Little-man, ice cream, music, having good people in my life, my family, being an aunt, my job, being independant, helping people, nice people, my softball team, cooking, flowers, walking on the state trails, camping, going to a baseball game, When Harry Met Sally, afternoon naps, homemade chocolate chip cookies, christmas, thanksgiving, eating, reading a good book while laying on a tropical beach, cinnamon candles, the smell of a freshly cleaned house, chocolate covered strawberries, crab, a good steak, my dads' salads, going to see the Wild, watching sports, waking up without an alarm clock, family traditions,

I am going to attempt to add to this list throughout the day as more things come to mind, but I feel I have gotten a pretty good start! Toodles!

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