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Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Evil Addiction

I think there should be support groups for people who watch too much television. As they say in AA, the first step to recovery is admitting you have a problem. I am addicted to television. I am addicted to all types of television shows ranging from romantic dramatic comedies to reality smut. It is quite an embarrassing thing to admit.
In part, I blame my addiction on becoming a mother. Since little-man was born I have been trapped in my house in the evening to establish a night-time routine with him, and I feel my only way to feel in control of my evening is to pick up the remote and start flipping! Thank god I am not dating anyone because I know they would find my channel surfing to be down right repulsive (not to mention my program choices are pretty horrid too). In my heart, I know I have always been a television addict, and I am just using motherhood as an excuse to make me feel better about my horrible habbit. I wish I knew a good way to break my addiction for the horrible programs I watch, and limit my intake to three television shows a week...I just can't do it! I want to spend my time being productive; like keeping up with laundry and making my house extremely clean...but I hate cleaning and laundry just takes time away from tv the cleaning and the laundry are constantly being put off. I wish I focus my energy on other things from 8-10pm...
For now...I continue to watch tv...but at least I have admitted my problem....and I have confidence that when the time comes, I will take the batteries out of the remote and start cleaning up my life!

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  1. i wouldn't worry too much, but i'm not sure that means a lot...since i too am addicted to tv. i'm the original tv-junkie...have been for years. it's a habit i'm not ready to kick. let me know if you find something that works.