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Wednesday, November 28, 2007


My favorite season is fall. The leaves, the crisp, but tolerable days...the fall is fantastic!
The only good thing about winter in minnesota is knowing that the holidays are JUST around the corner. I highly dislike cold weather! I don't really know why I have stayed in Minnesota, because the winters are pointless to suffer through. With winter basically arriving in MN (it was in the single digits yesterday morning...gross) I start thinking about what the next six months are going to bring to my life. They are going to bring a giant headache. This headache will come in the form of scraping my car off in the morning, waking up a half hour early to adjust to a nasty commute, little-man having cabin fever, and myself fighting the urge to flee to the south! I know I am making an ordeal out of something that every Minnesotan deals with every year...but this Minnesotan is truly sick of it!

P.S. I put little-mans' snow suit from last year on him the other day...just to see if it still fit because it was originally bought very big. He totally looks like the kid from A Christmas Story...Needless to say, I laughed pretty hard!

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