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Friday, November 16, 2007

Doctor Debt

I recently started a new job, which means getting used to a new insurance plan. The plan my current job offers is an HSA (Health Savings Account) plan which entails a low premium but a high deductible. The insurance is so different for everyone in the office that my company has had numerous educational sessions this year to try and re-explain the so-called "benefits" of having an HSA plan. If you are unfamiliar with this plan (which a lot of people are, seeing as an HMO is still very common in MN) it basically means my company deposits a certain dollar amount into an HSA account in my name, and I am responsible for paying for doctors visits that are not considered "preventative care" (e.g a physical is preventative care, so it is covered by the insurance company %100...or so they say...). There are a few reasons why this plan really sucks for me...
First, there is a glitch in the good ol' state-o-minnesota....MN has a state law prohibiting medical providers from disclosing their rates. Why does this suck for someone in my position? Well, if I want to pick a primary care physician, I would want to price compare, seeing as I will be paying for the visit out of my own pocket. This plan does not run on co-pays at ALL. It is completely out of pocket until you reach the high deductible of $2,200.oo per year (after that amount is reached, you are then covered at %100).
Someone in my shoes (with myself and little-man to look out for) is also initially monetarily screwed with the HSA plan. We are screwed because little-man constantly needs to go to the doctor for ear infections and other random stuff he gets from being in daycare. I don't know about you..but for someone in my shoes, it is RARE that I will have $2,200.00 sitting around for medical expenses throughout my year....let's be real, I can't even afford to pay my monthly minimum bills, let alone added medical bills from when little-man needs to get his poor ears checked out!
In the past two months, little-man has had to be rushed to urgent care on two separate occasions (I think I already blogged about one of the two...). My entire life I have been on an HMO..I had my good and bad days dealing with them, but for the most part, I knew exactly what to expect!
I'm not looking for a pity party...I'm just writing this to vent! Who in their right mind invented a health plan like this one ?! I know the HSA eases the expense of the company I am working for...but it really hurts the employee pocket-book, especially for those with small feet in their life, or with small feet on the way! (another co-worker of mine has an expecting wife...and they're going to have to pay for the ultrasound and every lab test out of pocket because the insurance company does not constitute those things as preventative care...weird huh?)
I feel like I have just been bent over and asked to grab my ankles (sorry for the gross description...but seriously!)...not by my company (who I should probably be more frustrated with)..but by the stupid person who invented this insurance sucks more than a vacuum!
I will step off of my soapbox now...Hope everyone is having a happy Friday!!! Tootles!

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