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Friday, June 5, 2009

The Singles.

I was recently told how much I proclaim being a singleton, and how often I state I want to date. Yes, it's true. I tell just as many people in real life about my yearn for dating a respectable guy as much as I tell all y'all.

I guess my justification is simple. How would others know to keep an eye out for me if they didn't know I was looking?

Yup, I'm officially a genius.

I've been asked "Why not try online dating?"...obviously, they don't read my blog OR know me in real life...I've been "trying" online dating for just about two years...and we all know what happened there.
So, as of today, I remain single. I'm comfortable with my routine, and find myself wondering if I could even fit a new man into my life... Ha! I'd like to meet a decent guy first before I worry about things "fitting."
Peeps...if you know a single man in your life, send him my way! Don't let the fact that I'm a single mom deter you from keeping me as an option. Let the single guy make the decision for

...This was a good talk.

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