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Monday, June 15, 2009

It's Me.

Here's something you MIGHT not know about me....

I am JUST as off the wall, spontaneous, non-stop talking, crazy and over the top with randomness as most of my posts on here. I came to this realization when attempting to comment on someones blog the other day. I am an "emoticon" person. Yeah, it's embarrassing to admit...but I LOVE putting a smiley face at the end....mostly because I am almost ALWAYS very enthusiastic when I speak, and I figure the only way to really get my chipper point across is by inserting a :-)...yup...I should officially check myself into a facility with padded walls.

To those of you who know me in real life....

Sorry for being the above in person. I can only imagine that my personality is a bit difficult for most to swallow at times. I am beginning to realize that my crazy personality combined with my out of shape body mixed with having a child is one of the main reasons why I find myself unliked by most men. I haven't given up hope yet...I mean, at least I can diet and exercise!!

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