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Monday, June 29, 2009


I know, I know, I know....I still haven't been able to post the results to last week's fun contest. I'm totally off my game (but at least I realize it, right?). No worries, I haven't forgotten...and will get RIGHT TO IT the minute I have a minute to breath (if that makes any sense).

I SHOULD'VE been able to wrap up my contest results over the weekend. Instead, I found myself searching for deals in order to get ready for a Fourth of July trip out of town.

Oh yeah...I was also busy bringing little man to his first live concert. Who did we go and see? The Teddy Bear Band. If only I had looked them up online, I would've been given the heads up that you're supposed to ACTUALLY BRING YOUR TEDDY BEAR FOR THE LOVE OF GOD!

On the way to the show, I was giving myself a pat on the back.

Little Man - Check
Blanket to sit on during the show - Check
Juice box for during the show - Check
McDonalds picked up for picnic on blanket before the show started - Check

As the shows start time grew closer, I noticed a million kids with their teddy bears in hand....and then it hit me. Dammit I was supposed to have little man bring a fricken teddy bear! So...seeing as I had clearly made a rookie mistake, I made the best of it. I snatched up this:

Yes, peeps...that's his Happy Meal toy. Since my mom-brain was on it's D-game, I said "hey honey, how about you use your dino for your teddy bear." He kindly obliged (THANK YOU JEEBUS) and on with the show.

I was only slightly nervous when the band instructed the kids to throw their soft, plushy teddies in the air...and there was little man, chucking his hard plastic dino. Thank god he didn't hit anyone!

High five for me.

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