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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

A Dream.

No worries here folks...I'm NOT going to write a description of what I dreamt about last night...consider yourself lucky.

While pretending to work working yesterday, I came across a really interesting article about sleep. I highly encourage you to read the article because I tend to embellish accurately depict my stories...For instance, did you know that sleep is comparable to having the craziest orgasm of you life? (you'll know if I'm telling the truth if you ACTUALLY clicked the link and read for yourself....I'm sneaky like that).

I don't know about you...but I'm totally a whacky dreamer. The odd factoid about my dreaming habits are that I can recount almost all of my dreams with the craziest amount of detail. And by crazy, I mean sights, smells and sounds which range from normal everyday things to OMG YOU MUST BE A PSYCHO.

If dreaming is a way for our minds to mentally wash the events of the day from our head....does this mean I'm not sleeping restfully? I think it means that I'm a savant.

Just kidding.

Personally, dreams are an event that gives me one more crazy, long and unimportant story to tell.

Sweet dreams!

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